Baseline of memories Suomeksi


Baseline of Memories is a media art installation utilizing photographs and digital paintings. It consists of "image checkpoints" as in orienteering checkpoints in terrain, located in artists childhood landscapes in Nummela, Vihti Finland.

The artist Outi Kotala has created these checkpoints to represent her memory of the place as it was in her childhood. These checkpoints are collected to this map, as well as a booklet that can be borrowed from Nummela library.

Open Baseline of Memories
(notice that English text is below Finnish text)

The work is also accessible via mobile phone browser. Recommended minimum resolution is 240 x 320 pixels. For example Nokia N-series phones starting from N92 and upwards are suitable.

The artworks were displayed also physically in the library of Nummela between 4th of May - 30th of May.


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